Colonel Manuel F. Siverio

 US Army (Ret.)

Against the 
Contra Vien​to y Marea

Col. Manuel F. Siverio Sr.

 US Army (R​et)



Almost immediately upon arrival in Korea, Captain Siverio learned that he would assume command of Company E, 65th Infantry Regiment… the very same company he had first enlisted in as a private 12 years earlier. The 65th Infantry was one of the Regiments of the famous 3rd U.S. Army Division.
​An even bigger surprise occurred when he scanned the company personal roster and discovered that Manuel Acevedo, an old friend he had enlisted with as a private on the same day in 1939, was one of his platoon sergeants. ​Still another surprise was waiting when he reported to his company area and was greeted by college classmate, José Munoz, serving with Company E as a private. After graduating from college Jose was inducted into military service through his local Selective Service Board in Puerto Ricoand eventually assigned to Company E.