Although Manuel was now twenty-five-years old, that in no way deterred his interest in attending college. There are moments in life that help you and teach you, and make you understand and appreciate where you come from and where you want to go. Manuel decided higher education was essential for success. Taking advantage of the help provided veterans to complete a college education; he enrolled in the University of Maryland in College Park, Maryland just outside of Washington DC.
With limited resources and no mama or papa sending him checks every month to pay for college, Manuel took a part-time job at a gasoline station after school hours.  Despite the fact that funds were limited and studies demanded a great deal of time while at the University of Maryland, Manuel still found time to enjoy life away from campus.

Colonel Manuel F. Siverio

 US Army (Ret.)

Contra Vien​to y Marea

Col. Manuel F. Siverio Sr.

 US Army (R​et)

Against the